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The Olympic season has cycled around again after being postponed for only the 4th time in its history (the other three being because of the two World Wars), and with that comes some of the most storied athletes competing at the highest stages of their respective careers.

In our current…

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Before fire, the only light to stave off the darkness of night was the moon. Being a less than reliable source of sanctuary the mind wanders. Without an understanding of what is happening in the world around us, anxiety can flourish, and through that anxiety, terror can take hold.


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“Are you going to give five minutes to the Nazis and five minutes to the Jews?”

This was one of the first things that truly stuck out to me in Journalism school, sitting in a quiet intro journalism class, lit, badly I might add, by buzzing fluorescent bulbs. …

Tim Becker

You’d think I could write a bio by now. Everywhere to find me.

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