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Christianity Caused the Immigration Crisis

White genocide, the fear mongering mindset of many white evangelicals surrounding the Trump platform with their tiki torches, MAGA hats, and Bibles, but what exactly is it, and why is it so deeply ingrained in White American culture?

The best place to begin is currently at the top of the American ladder, the President of the good ole US of A. President Donald J. Trump has divided the country like almost none other in recent memory, as his colorful vocabulary and violently conservative views have done nothing but reinvigorate a dying segment of American culture, and under his leadership that segment has begun digging out a niche in American society, politics, and community built upon growing layering extremes, and increasing ignorance. Many of President Trump’s compatriates hold similar positions to his aggressively anti-colored immigrant policies and beliefs. Former White House strategist Steve Bannon is one of the most outspoken. “When you look and there’s got 61 million, 20 percent of the country, is immigrants…is that not a massive problem?” Bannon said in March 2016 to senior policy advisor for the White House Stephen Miller on a Sirius XM show. Bannon, the driving force behind Trump’s incredibly discriminating Muslim ban, has said even more outlandish things even before joining forces with the new US President, often quoting an incredibly racist French novel by the name of The Camp of the Saints: The End of the White World, often referring to waves of immigration as invasions. Bannon is no longer in the White House but he is not the only one spewing uninformed, frightening hate speech, like the aforementioned Stephen Miller, and former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

This way of thinking is extreme and exposed because of social media and our President’s Twitter addiction, where he has even retweeted a Twitter user with the handle “WhiteGenocideTM.” The tweet in question depicted his then political opponent Jeb Bush as a disheveled beggar outside of the Trump Tower, but the profile of the tweeter had links to pro-Adolf Hitler documentaries and had many tweets referring to Black and Arab American crime. That is only just the beginning of the swan dive off the diving board into our President’s twitter proclivities, ranging from supposed “fake news,” the threats of immigration, and so much more. If only these beliefs were withheld to a select few people, some crusty old men with a ticking bodily clock, but it’s not, it’s enough people to get Donald J. Trump elected as the US President. This divisive mentality trails all the way back to the founding of America, and its principles, namely freedom of religion.

Religion has always been a controversial topic in the western world, it’s one of the reasons gay marriage laws stalled for so long. Religion is sacred, and ingrained in millions to billions of people, and religion is sacred and without fault. People can make outlandish claims and just because they believe that their “god” is supporting them then they are without critique.

Religion has always been more divisive than race on many fronts, because to the devout there is an objective right and wrong, and their belief shapes every bit of understanding of the world around them, and a differing ideology challenges this, and can lead to an aggressive defense of what is sacred to the individual. This is where immigration comes in.

Many early American settlers were protestants trying to escape an oppressive Catholic Church, in turn, this identity of us versus them began forming. In the early foundations of the country of America if it weren’t for many of the founding fathers being atheist I truly believe that America would be a purely Christian country, because of that early onset identity as a Protestant nation fighting for independence.

Early divisions began with the Native people of America, they were labeled as savages and cannibals, based on little to no evidence, for no reason other than trying to secure control. The settlers used the goal of religious conversion as a soft term for eradicating culture when it wouldn’t bend to their whim.

In modern times this has not changed much, just with a different target. Muslims.

Muslim majority nations hold an interesting role in the world power sphere. They have the vast majority of oil in the world, and due to outside input, many of those same nations have dealt with constant corruption. Take Pakistan for example. The United States disassembled a democratically elected government and in its place left a ruler who grabbed all the power he could, and Pakistan has been dealing with constant turmoil since.

Even with American meddling in Muslim majority countries, the Muslims have been portrayed as terrorists by the American media. They are labeled as outsiders, and the other just for having unfamiliar beliefs, beliefs that differ from good ole American Christianity.

Those who firmly push back against Muslim immigrants in the immigrant crisis usually use the security threat as a defense for their stance, but it usually has some underlying tones, that being purity, a central control, a fear of a different ideology corrupting citizens.

In the early 1900s Italians and Irish were the group of outsiders, not allowed into the fold of American society, their differing belief being that of Catholicism. That belief which over time melded into American through assimilation. The unfamiliar became the familiar and the American whiteness remained the same.

The same rings true currently for Muslims just to a higher degree. Muslims have an entirely different set of beliefs and in many cases a different skin color. It completely challenges and threatens the white American Christian with an unknown, and that unknown leads to fear, fear to anger, and anger to hatred.

A journalist just trying to get by. Everywhere to find me.

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