The Hidden Toll of Coffee

Everyone drinks it — the night shift, the writer, the insomniac. The sweet nectar of the gods, coffee is one of the most loved and revered drinks in the world. It keeps entire generations grinding through life, but there may be some costs involved. Coffee may be damaging your body.

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What Can Coffee Do To Our Body?

Coffee is mostly known for the caffeine and the earthy flavor, that little energy boost to start off the day or to help trudge through a long shift. The benefits of coffee are well accounted for, but too much coffee can severely damage a person’s health. Studies show that drinking more than four cups of coffee a day can lead to a 21% increase in mortality rate.

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Addiction and Sleep Deprivation

There is a whole slew of diseases and side effects that can happen as a result of too much coffee. Sleeping disorders are very common as caffeine can ruin sleep patterns when taken in higher amounts or later at night. Caffeine is also a diuretic and too much in the system can lead to incontinence or the loss of bowel control. Caffeine is also highly addictive and withdrawals can be severe leading up to flu-like symptoms. Caffeine can also lead to higher risk of miscarriage and even cysts in breast tissue.

Unsplash / Nate Mueller

Heart Damage

One of the most profound effects coffee can have on the body is heart disease. Think of it like overclocking the computer that is our body. When constantly running on high alert and at high speeds, our heart has to work harder to pump more blood to areas of the body that need it. When the heart is constantly working this hard it will lead to things like heart attacks and heart disease, so drink in moderation.

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